Caleb du Mar

Priest of Pelor earning his stripes!


Cleric of Pelor Domains: Good, Sun

Favorite hobby: Banishing undead minions back to their graves

Str: 18 Dex: 19 Con: 15 Int: 13 Wis: 20 Cha: 17

HP: 96 Fort: 10 Ref: 7 Will: 13 AC: 25

Armor: +3 Chain Shirt, +1 Hvy Darkwood Shield, +1 Ring of Protection, +1 Cloak of Resistance, +2 Gloves of Dexterity

Weapons: +1 Hvy Mace, +1 Lt Mace, MW Hvy Silver Mace (“Basher”), Lt Crossbow

Special Items: Everburning torch, +2 Periapt of Wisdom, Lots of potions and scrolls

Allies: Jenya(Cleric of Pelor), Terseon Skellering(Chief Constable in City-State), Tancred(Paladin), Haliel(planar ally from Elysium), Tuvok(Coutal)

Most Damage Inflicted with a Single Hit: 25 (Holy Smite vs. Fire Giant

Most Damage inflicted with a Spell: 37 (Flame Strike)

Most Damage Suffered in One Attack: 25 from an Ettin

Most Enemies Slain in One Round: 6

Biggest Monster Slain: Fire Giant (256 HP)

Total Monsters Slain: 24

Biggest Treasure Haul:

Most XP Garnered in one Session: 1740

Number of Times Resurrected: 1

Number of Times World Save: Once, at least so far


Caleb du Mar was born in Bard’s Gate and spent his childhood working on his father’s farm along with his nine brothers and sisters. As the third oldest boy, he did not have the responsibility of his older siblings and was allowed to pursue his interest in the local church. It turns out that one of Caleb’s ancestors helped found the first church of Pelor in Bard’s Gate a hundred years ago. This historical link to the church led Caleb through the doors but it was the current head priest, Father Downing, who kept him there. A former soldier in the Invincible Overlord’s army, Downing had entered the priesthood to escape war and live a quiet life. His devotion to Pelor and too many knocks on the head had left him a bit, well, eccentric. Downing took Caleb under his wings at a young age and taught him how to lead services in public but also privately how to use a mace and shield in combat. At 18, Downing told Caleb it was time to follow the path of Pelor and discover his true destiny.

Caleb’s journey led him to the City-State and the very small church of Pelor located in the center of the sprawling metropolis. He is now devoted to the priestess Jenya, who has taken the earnest young Caleb under her tutelage to continue his training. Ironically, Caleb has fallen in with a rather rough band of adventurers who have allowed him to pursue Pelor’s mission to shine light into the darkest corners and destroy the evil that lurks there. However, it has not come without a cost. Caleb was nearly struck down by an vampire. The experience rocked the naive young priest to his core and nearly sent him down a path of darkness. However, Caleb now knows that if one is to defeat evil then one must also be willing to use both light and darkness to prevail. There is a seriousness in the eyes of Caleb du Mar as he peers out of his helm. He has seen too many friends fall to the undead and demons of this world. He must use his power to avenge them and bring the world out of darkness.

Caleb du Mar

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