Jenya Urikas

Head Cleric and Caleb's Patron


S 10 D 8 C 12 I 13 W 17 Ch 14

HP 58

AC 23

Melee +9

Fort +8 Reflex +2 Will +11

Spells/Day 6/6/6/5/5/3

Feats: Extra Turning, Weapon Focus (Heavy Mace)

Equipment: +1 heavy steel shield Periapt of Wisdom +2 Ring of Protection +1 +2 Full Plate


Jenya is a comely woman with wavy black hair that is just beginning to gray. She feels the weight of her new role as the head of the Church of Pelor following the death of Sarcem Delasharn and the church’s protector Alek Tercival. She can often be found meditating on the recent dark tidings in the Citystate and planning for what she views as an impending conflict with the forces of evil. Fortunately, Pelor has sent a flame to light the shadows that have recently fallen: Caleb. This priest has shown tremendous potential and Jenya is hopeful that he and his friends may prove to be the city’s saviors.

Jenya Urikas

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