The Shackled Citystate

Test of the Smoking Eye, Part Deux

A Paladin's Reward and a Bar Brawl

At the top of the stairs, the party found an evil lich stoking a bonfire of black flame. As you entered the room, it attacked. Though Myaruk the Lich unleashed some seriously bad mojo on the party, you were once again victorious.

The Lantern of Guidance pointed to a spiral staircase in the back of the room. Following the light, you found yourselves once again confronted by one of the mummies charged with administering the test. The mummy stood next to a gusher of flaming red light. It stated that the final test was this: “sacrifice an ally to the plasma, and Occipitus is yours!” At this moment, Kaurophon turned on the party (to absolutely no one’s surprise). Foolish Kaurophon! Hadn’t he seen how you had dispatched the evil denizens of this fiendish plane?! Did he not realize how little chance he had of actually killing the party?! Nope, he didn’t.

And so he was quickly dispatched, but not before Tancred the paladin decided that the only honorable way to complete the test was to sacrifice himself. Stepping into the flame, he expected to quickly join his ancestors in the afterlife. Instead, he was transported out of the flame. The fire had changed him in several ways. The most obvious change was that his left eye had been replaced with a smoking flame! More wonderous indeed was that he now could feel the plane surrounding and could shape it to his will. You could almost hear the sighs of the dead as they realized that their souls would one day return to Celestia as Tancred’s goodness transformed the plane and removed it from the Abyss.

The test completed, Caleb used one of the plane shift scrolls to return the party to the City State. When Jenya learned of Alek’s death, a funeral fitting the most noble of knights was held. Soon, the party settled back into their daily routines.

That is until a pleasant evening at the She Devil Tavern was interrupted by a gang of assassins. They attacked without warning. As a brutish half-orc sought to separate Ody’s head from his shoulders, its compatriots, a human male and female, cast spells to bring down the party. Unfortunately for the assassins, Risa keen senses spotted the approaching danger, and she quickly moved to flank the spellcasters. Surprised to be attacked from behind, the tide was quickly turned and the party quickly cut down the last assassin as he attempted to escape.

Caleb used a speak with dead spell to interrogate one of the would-be assassins. They had been hired by “The Veiled Lady”. Caleb immediately knew that this was a reference to Wee Jas. This was very troubling. Jenya had shared with Caleb that the Church of Pelor was concerned that the Church of Wee Jas seemed to have grown very powerful in the last few months. As a seemingly spiteful act against Pelor, they had even begun construction on a new spire for their church that threatens to cast a permanent shadow over the cathedral to Pelor. The party decided to investigate the church. Jenya suspected that they would likely have to fight their way in.

Their investigation would have to wait until the next day, however, because the party was once again attacked as they left Pelor’s temple to begin their preparations. A giant half-minotaur/half-dragon creature named Zarik Dhor challenged the killers of the “Dragon Father” to fight to the death. Hmmm, what do you know? I guess that Vorkaire had a child after all! Though the creature was incredibly strong, it could not last long against the party’s combined might. With it’s dying breath, it paid it’s respect to the “truly mighty warriors”.

As we begin our next session, the party prepares to infiltrate the Church of Wee Jas and discover what evil secrets might lie within!



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