The Shackled Citystate

Dreori backround

The chosen leaves his clan

A fain falls as Dreori, an Orchillian who has been found to have been given the gift of inborn magic from the Dragon Lords, a race that ruled in the time of legends- before recorded time. As the Dragon Lords began thier decline and became hunted, they gave birth to the Orchillan race, and the blood and talent for magic of these once powerful “Dragon Kings” still finds its way into a few Orchillian children. They are known as “Pious Ones” among thier many clans, who hide in the hills to the west of the City State of the Invincible Overlord, as there are forces who still hunt the Dragon Lords and to a lesser extent, the Orhillians. Inside the city is the last known relic of the times of the Dragon Kings- a series of metal plates found near the Calender Obelisk underneath the City State itself. The plates are inscribed with runes and called “the Chronology of the Dragon- Kings”. Both the Calender and the plates have been studied by great mages, priests, and archivists, but it gives little knowledge of the times, only names of great kings and their reign.

For the past three days and nights, Dreori has been the center of ancient rites and rituals among his people, for few will ever have his power, and those that due are sent to look for the plates, as well as reconnect with ancient temples to the north, from the Irminsul Forest to the Valley of the Ancients, and travelling south through the thin strip of land known as Orcha, the last bastion of the existing Dragon Lords. The rituals are meant to give Dreori the ability to cut his own “runestones”, magical stones held by the Orchillian clans to empower the Pious with the hope someday the plates and the obelisk will return to thier rightful owners. He is unique among Orchillians, and must live his life away from his people until the items are returned. Death is the only other option for failure to find these treasures, as Dreori knows he cannot return to his people empty handed. His gift is also his curse. Knowing he must leave, he gathers the last of his packs and heads towards the City State, alone.

NEXT: Inside the walls.



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