The Shackled Citystate

Campaign Background

Poker Buddies Roll Some Dice

Some Information About the Shackled Citystate Campaign

For this campaign, I’ve used two primary sources. The first is The Shackled City Adventure Path from Paizo Publishing. As a group we had been discussing what kinds of adventures we’d never really played before. Several ideas were batted around: an adventure at sea, an artic setting, and an urban adventure. I am big fan of the Theives World series and really enjoyed the idea of an urban campaign. When I read the first Shackled City adventure in Dungeon Magazine, I knew I’d found what I’d been looking for.

The only drawback to The Shackled City was that Cauldron felt just a little too small for what I wanted to do. I was looking a setting with lots of possible NPCs and some rich background information. I also wanted a location that felt like it was flexible enough that I could add my own material and change the landscape of the city to fit the action of the adventure. The Citystate of the Invincible Overlord by Judges Guild fit the bill perfectly! Its geographic location enough comes close to the setting for Cauldron with nearby jungles and mountainous areas. I also really like the dark, gritty atmosphere of the Citystate. The effect so far has been to magnify the events in The Shackled City. When Redgorge is threatened, the party knows of the impending danger partly because a Vasthost is recalled to the Citystate.

All in all this campaign has been a blast to DM! Each of the player characters has an interesting backstory and his or her own personality. The campaign is nicely paced so that it provides a wide variety of locales and types of adventures. And the campaign as a whole has an epic feel that feels like the appropriate kind of story for the heroes.

A Little Information About Our Group

We are a group of 30-something guys in the Chicago area who have playing together for over six years now. We all played in high school, and a bit of this is about being able to play the game in the way that we wished we could have when we were teenagers: with all the bells and whistles. We use the Dwarven Forge Dungeon Tiles, buildings made to scale, handmade terrain pieces, handpainted metal minis for player characters and tons of the plastic minis for monsters and NPCs. More than anything, we appreciate the time that we find once a month to gather around the gaming table, eat some pizza, and laugh at each other’s stories.



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