The Shackled Citystate

Assault on the Temple of Wee Jas

Caleb Meets Pelor . . . Again.

After interrogating the would-be assassins with the aid of a Speak with Dead spell, the party’s attention turned to the Temple of Wee Jas. Since all worship services had ceased at the temple, the party rightly guessed that the clerics would be prepared for them, and the assault would not be an easy one. Even then, the ferocity of the temple’s defenders was surprising. The main hall of the temple was well-defended by half-orc warriors, stone giants, and an evil cleric. Though it took a few rounds, the party mowed down these front line defenders and took off in hot pursuit of the fleeing cleric, chasing him up an iron staircase and into the Hall of the Night’s Rising.

As they mounted the last few steps, things turned ugly quickly. The clerics had conjured several nightmarish creatures to aid in their defense. Gray Render zombies prevented the entire party from moving into the hall and effectively split the spellcasters from the warriors in the group. As the fighters hacked away at the zombies and a bone devil, the head cleric and a dread wraith wrecked havoc on the rest of the party. The lowest moment of the battle came when the head priest used a vile spell to slay Caleb. What had been an exciting foray to bring the wicked to justice now became a grim mission of vengeance. Slowly but surely, the party heaped blow after blow on the evildoers until finally even the wraith was sent to the lower planes of the Abyss.

Saddened, the party returned to the Church of Pelor to report the news of Caleb’s passing. But fear not gentle reader, this is fantasy, and death is sometimes only a temporary resting place. Summoning a priest from beyond the City State, Jenya ordered the resurrection of Pelor’s boldest champion. Evidently, it was not yet Caleb’s time to remain within the all-consuming light.

While healing their wounds, Risa was approached by Shensen, a female drow elf she had rescued in a previous adventure. The party’s help was desperately needed for a rescue mission. Fario, a Strider of Fharlanghn who had aided the party earlier in their adventures, had been captured by the Last Laugh, the Assassins Guild in the City State. Meerthan, the leader of the Striders, asked the party to rescue Fario before he revealed any information regarding the Striders. Unknown to his captors, Meerthan’s telepathic connection with Fario had revealed the location of his captivity . . . and the disturbing news that he was currently being tortured.

The party immediately set out to the Last Laugh’s hideout. Fueled by their anger over Caleb’s death and the difficulty of their trials in the Temple of Wee Jas, the party went all-SWAT on the unsuspecting assassins. Smashing through an upper story window, they moved methodically from room to room eliminating all resistance. Within minutes, they had located the torture chamber. Unfortunately, Fario’s captor decided to have her own last laugh and slit Fario’s throat as the party approached. And just who was his captor? None other than the assassin the party had tangled with on their very first day in the Citystate. Oh the connection of plot lines!

The party quickly ransacked the hideout and returned Fario’s body to Meerthan. Evidently the gods weren’t accepting any new souls this week because Meerthan brought Fario back to the living by Fharlanghn’s grace. Fario revealed some very disturbing information about suspicious happenings at the House of Rhiavadi, one of the noble houses of the City State. Now the party turns its attention to House Rhiavadi as a possible link in the chain of evil that is slowly tightening around their beloved home.



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